Day 10

Part one:
Today is a big training for me, so I’ll be in workout clothes 80% of the day. Hoping for a movie date later with the hubby, and a casual but cute outfit. šŸ™‚ I’ll post it later if it pans out!

It was suggested to me to post my workout wear on here. And while I do own a lot of workout clothes, I can not add this to my clothing project (my husband would kill me!) hehe

Here are my favorite workout outfits this week tho! Both of these shirts were too big, so I cut them up for a more girlie fit.



Part two:
So I had time to come home and change before taking my daughter to the doctor. Yay! I picked something easy and comfy for a movie later this afternoon. I paired a cream, lace-top shirt from H&M with my navy butterfly shorts from J Crew (I love clothes that match my tattoos). I wanted an easy way to add a pop of color, so I threw on my red Toms wedges. The necklace was a gift, so not sure where it’s from. Simple, but cute.






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